What are the rules of Toy Cubes Pop?

Welcome to the wonderful world of Toy Cubes Pop! This game is not only entertaining, but also challenging and fun. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced player, this blog will introduce the rules of Toy Cubes Pop in detail to help you better enjoy this wonderful elimination game. Toy Cubes Pop is a colorful elimination game where players need to click on the same color cubes to eliminate them and complete the level objectives. The game has rich and varied level design and dazzling visual effects, each level is full of challenges and surprises.


1, Basic Rules
Match squares
Eliminate squares: Click on two or more adjacent squares of the same color to eliminate them. The more squares you eliminate, the more points and rewards you get.
Target Score: Each level has a specific target score. Eliminate squares to accumulate points, and reach the target score to pass the level.

Special Blocks
Bomb Cubes: Eliminate a certain number of cubes to generate bombs. Click on the bomb to eliminate the surrounding blocks within a certain range.
Rocket Blocks: Rocket blocks are created when you form a row or column of blocks of the same color. Tap on the rockets to eliminate entire rows or columns of blocks in the corresponding direction.
Rainbow Cubes: Rainbow cubes are created when a large number of cubes are eliminated. Rainbow cubes can be matched with cubes of any color to eliminate all adjacent cubes of the same color.

Locked Cubes: In some levels there are locked cubes. They can only be unlocked and eliminated in certain ways.
Frozen cubes: Frozen cubes need to be eliminated several times before they can be completely destroyed, increasing the difficulty of the game.


2. Level design
Toy Cubes Pop has a rich level design, and each level has unique objectives and challenges. For example, some levels require the player to reach the target score within a limited number of steps, while some levels require the player to collect specific props. Different level designs not only increase the fun of the game, but also constantly challenge players' strategies and skills.

3. Reward System
Continuous Elimination Reward
Bonus: Eliminating squares consecutively can get you extra bonus points. The higher the number of consecutive hits, the higher the bonus points.
Combination Bonus: Eliminating multiple special squares at the same time can trigger a combination effect, bringing a wide range of squares elimination and high scores.

Daily Bonus
Sign-in Rewards: Sign-in rewards, including coins, props and special cubes, can be obtained by logging in to the game every day.
Mission Rewards: Completing the daily missions can get you rich rewards to help players pass the levels faster.

4. Social features
Toy Cubes Pop is not only a single-player game, but also supports interaction with friends. Players can connect their social accounts to play with their friends and give each other lives and props. The leaderboard function also allows players to check their friends' progress and rankings, stimulating a sense of competition among players.

5. Game Strategy
Utilize special cubes wisely: using bombs, rockets and rainbow cubes at critical moments can help you quickly clear a large number of cubes and reach the level objective.
Plan ahead: Observe the whole situation and plan the elimination strategy for each step in advance to avoid wasting steps.
Prioritize obstacles: Prioritize solving obstacles such as locked cubes and frozen cubes to make subsequent elimination easier.

6. Graphics and Sound Effects
Toy Cubes Pop is not only unique in its gameplay, but also in its graphics and sound effects. The game adopts a beautiful cartoon style, and each cube and special props have delicate design and animation effects. The combination of brilliant special effects and pleasant sound effects when eliminating cubes brings players the ultimate visual and auditory enjoyment.

7. Advanced Tips and Tricks
Using Chain Reactions
In Toy Cubes Pop, cleverly creating chain reactions can eliminate a large number of cubes at once. Through careful layout and strategic arrangement, players can trigger consecutive cube elimination to get higher scores and rewards.

Complete Challenging Tasks
The game features a variety of challenge tasks, which can be completed to earn extra rewards and props. Challenge tasks include reaching the target score within a limited number of steps, completing the level within a specific time, etc., which adds variety and challenge to the game.

Toy Cubes Pop is a charming elimination game that brings players endless fun and challenges through simple tap operation and rich strategy gameplay. Whether you are waiting for the bus or in the afternoon, this game will bring you a relaxing and enjoyable gaming experience. Download Toy Cubes Pop now and start your elimination journey! Health and good shape are within reach! I can send you the download link address for it,(https://andymod.com/toy-cubes-pop/) thanks for reading!